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Acrylic on cradled panel board, 18x24cm

From the series Oh hello, gentrification!


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I don't know if gentrification as we have seen it in all larger cities over the last decades is good, bad, evil or just the way society around us progresses. There will be people with strong views on either side of this political debate and if we wanted to we could see that they all have a good point from their perspective.

As you might be able to tell already I'm not here for that debate. I am here to make some paintings about what fascinates me in this topic: walls.

They are the backdrop for all those fast changes in these areas, the canvas for the protest, the glue that holds the barber shops and cafes together which the protesters will eventually start opening. Walls are everywhere and they tell it all.

In this series I am creating pieces of walls that want to make you tell yourself the story they invoke. Stories of change, loss and good memories. And sometimes stories of what the future could hold.


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