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Gelsenkirchen Buer, 2023

Acrylic on cradled panel board


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In the heart of the city, where once vibrant neighborhoods thrived, now stand the silent wirktnesses of change —the boarded-up houses. Each weathered board whispers stories of the past, of families gathered around dinner tables and children's laughter echoing through these now-forlorn halls.


The urban decay paints a poignant tableau, a reminder of lost dreams and aspirations. Austerian in its exploration of fate, these abandoned homes embody both despair and the faint glimmer of hope. Perhaps, in their solitude, they await a renaissance, a chance for rebirth, a return to life.


In these boarded-up houses, the cityscape reflects the human condition—moments of darkness intertwined with the possibility of illumination. Like Auster's characters, they silently beckon us to unravel their mysteries, to discover the past hidden beneath layers of solitude, and to contemplate the potential for a brighter future in the urban tapestry.


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