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What is this all about?


I usually think of my work as pieces of walls. As you can tell not the most tidy ones, my walls have experienced a fair bit of neglect, abandonment and even damage. After many years in London I now live back home in Germany in an area severely hit by post-industrialisation. Abandoned buildings, former factories, neglected walls and rust are part of everyday visual life. No doubt that’s why I make the paintings I make. 

After all I believe you can only ever make art from the place where you stand. In my case, what I paint are the walls around me. Not as a realistic impression, but how they make me feel. 

Wherever you live, all the walls around you are a reminder of where we are and what might have happened there. Who might have been here. Or been there with you. My paintings are meant to remind you of places you have been, in real life or in your mind. 


My paintings are also an attempt to provide the feeling of urban chaos and the fleeting nature of life in big cities and metropolitan areas. The constantly changing scenery of people, mix of cultures and forever developing nature of urban life has always fascinated me. 


So if I think of my work as pieces of walls, they are very urban walls after all. At least in my head… not sure what you think or feel about it - but I'm always happy to hear your thoughts! 


Thanks for reading, S. 

Recent / Upcoming shows:

Revierkunst, April 2022, Henrichshütte Hattingen

Zwischenraum, February 2023, Gelsenkirchen - Buer

Szeniale, August 2024, Gelsenkirchen - Ückendorf

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