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Acrylic on cradled panel board


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◾️There’s at least one Broke Avenue (true, it might run under a different name) in every city. More often than not it’s a whole part of town, or even several.


Occasionally these areas turn into hipster hotspots and whilst we might complain about the subsequent rising rents and oat milk cafe takeovers as a result we should not forget that new ideas, start-ups and new businesses grow in those areas for a reason: It’s cheap and relatively risk free. The stakes of renting an office in a broken part of town just aren’t as high as in established business areas. And when the stakes aren’t high ideas can spread and grow.


Ultimately that’s what every city needs. Less administrative planning of which retailer should sit next to which food chain on the soon to be dead high street and who should not. More opening up of empty canvases where people can try and fail fast. And be encouraged by failure instead of bankrupt so they try again and succeed.


The BROKE AVENUE series is made to put our eyes on the run down, the abandoned, the not utilised spaces that should always be full of opportunities for the next generation.


If you don’t believe in it go and visit cities where Broke Avenue has not had anyone young with a seemingly reckless new idea move in for decades and you’ll know what I mean.

59 BROKE AVENUE, 18x24cm

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