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Acrylic on cradled panel board, 30x30cm

From the Series „URBAN WALLS“


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URBAN WALLS is meant to put the spotlight on the walls around us when we’re out and about in our cities, in our towns. In our neighbourhoods. 

I‘ve looked at a lot of walls and tried to imagine what happened to them. Find the little stories that they must  contain. I do believe the walls around us carry a lot of the information that will determine how we feel whilst we go about our business in an area. 

Especially in urban settings walls seem to be the background for almost anything we see. We see them without noticing. 

They’re just walls after all: Walls that have been sprayed, walls of concrete, aged walls, white walls, suburban walls. Walls with messages, walls with posters. Walls scratched by car bumpers, walls just painted gray. Not painted at all. 

Endless variety! 

I think they do tell us quite a bit about the way we live. And also where and who’s been here before us. 


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